Humanitarian teams in the armed forces in the liberated north of Syria have helped a large number of displaced people during the past year.
Last October, we organized a party in Salqin in the northern countryside of Idlib, played games with children and distributed toys and clothes for more than 50 children. We organized a three days long entertainment activity for 100 orphans children and distributed 12,000 shoes for orphans in partnership with the Association “Anda” in the Euphrates Shield area. At the Olive Branch, in addition to securing 60 wheelchairs for people with special needs in the countryside of Aleppo, in partnership with the “Bir Paket Mutluluk” Association. Like in festive mood, we distributed gifts for children, and we shared 20 thousand portion meals in rural Aleppo and Idlib people in need of food.
Last November, by our association, 15 thousand bread bundles were distributed to the camps in Idlib and the Euphrates Shield area and 400 food baskets in Bazaa camp in the countryside of Aleppo and to secure the needs of the sick and unable to move in Qarat Kobri camp in the countryside of Azaz. And also for solving the heating problem, heaters were distributed to the tents. In addition to providing insulators for tents in Mahmoudiya camps And Deir Ballut in Jenderes in the countryside of Afrin, we distributed 300 food baskets in the Taranda 2 camp in Afrin countryside.
During the month of December, we distributed 200 food baskets in the Nahr camp in the Mahmoudiya area of Afrin. We provided bread for 500 families in Zoghra camp in Jarablus countryside and distributed food baskets and heating materials to 700 families of martyrs in Afrin. Our teams have also extended heating for a center for people with special needs in the city of Salqin, in addition to distributing special needs (spoon meat for babies, special ingredient food, diaper, medicine,) for children in Qara Kobri camp in the countryside of Azaz. We have extended hygiene baskets, masks, and sterilization materials on 19 shelter centers in Afrin due to the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. Against harsh winter conditions our team distributed winter shoes and coats on the Saha camp, food baskets (winter provisions), winter coats and blankets on displaced people in Al-Rai area and to displaced people in Mariamin area for 500 families too. In the same month, we organized a karate tournament to support socio-psychological rehabilitation, morale and children’s self-development and learning to protect and defend themselves. We organized an educator training of protection for teacher in Aleppo countryside.
It is noteworthy that northern Syria hosts about 4 million civilians, most of whom are displaced persons. Internally displaced persons live under lack of job opportunities and, amid the high cost of living, lack the minimum subsistence requirements.
Unfortunately, in the north of Syria displaced people have been devoid of basic human rights and social welfare principles since 2012. As Firat Association, we are working our best to improve living conditions with your supports.