Learn the story of the child “Reem”, who is displaced from Aleppo

I am Reem Al-Khatib

12 years old. Previously, I was living in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Baba used to work as a tailor, and we were not deficient and happy, and every day a vacation at Baba used to take us to the garden and relax, and he liked a lot of nature.

One day, Baba came up to work and returned. After we asked, we said they arrested the regime and took him to the Levant. My aunt went to Andu and asked him about the reason for the arrest. Asma appeared, but we from the day Baba got out of the house we never healed and we never heard his voice.

My aunt went again until he trusted a lawyer, and she asked about Baba, and asked a lot about it, but we did not know where they took it.

During this period, I felt lost, I lost a door forever, and for now, I don’t know anything about whether he is living or dead, knowing that he has been missing for 9 years, and my mother blushed to work lands and olives until you see our expenses.

We were 4 daughters, and after that I worked in a tailoring workshop for a low wage and worked tired for many hours, and this was what I looked for from morning to Morocco until we deprived us of our father and mother.  I dreamed of it, and the most important thing was psychological support. I used to tell my concerns to women and advise me and change my psyche, and my hobbies were love of reading, drawing and chess.

I learned from my father that I love naturalism in my spare time, sitting in the ground and contemplating these beautiful scenery. I thank everyone who contributed to opening this great center for our awareness and awareness of our thought.

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